Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Rider

no, its not some fucking marvel comic superhero dude, it's basicly just a list of stupid shit artists like in their dressing rooms... mine used to have some pretty basic shit on it, the usual... coronas, water, maybe a fruit bowl... etc.

but now that im apparently some kinda fuckin rockstar *rolls eyes*, i can get all crazy with the shit... so, a few things have changed, and we sometimes like to fuck with the promoters heads, just to see if they snag em...it's all in good fun really!

if youve been to a few shows in the past 2 years... perhaps some you might have noticed ive almost always had some kind of huge inflatable pool toy... like a whale, sea turtle, or an alligator... know why? coz we put that shit on the rider. dude, its amazing.... every act, it seems, always takes the piss on their rider with at least one item, seems to be the running joke of the entertainment industry really... but also i guess kinda serves as some kind of confirmation that the event organizers "has their shit together" and is on top of the "requirements".... so whenever i show up at a show, we can always tell were in good hands when theres a big fuckin blown up pool toy in the dressing room. (i like the alligator ones the best)

But! we do make a more constructive use of the rider... i also ask for a pair of white socks. Socks are hard to come by if youre constantly on the road.... and i love wearing fresh clean socks... makes me feel like i can run faster or jump higher... yes i still get that feeling.

i was originally going to go with "an illustrated book about giraffes" but even i would struggle to find that one... and besides ... blow up pool toys are way funny... and you know i bring it up there and donate to the fun in the crowd by sacrificing the poor aligator to the masses... sometimes he gets a good crowd surf in... other times some jerk willl just cling onto it for dear life and deflate it.