Tuesday, August 31, 2010

kids today.

Im not a major in statistics, but i can understand the internets to some degree... looks like people who are into whatever it is i do for a living seem to be around the ages of 18-25 .... of course there's alot of groups who are completely outside that bracket, and thats fine... but the one that troubles me most are the little ones. god bless em.

I know you're not going to believe me for a second, but i love kids. well maybe not the whole package that encompassas all thats "a kid" ... but i really admire their inexperience in life. And it really make me feel guilty when i read an email or a comment likie "my 5 year old niece loves your mouse ears" or "my 10 year old kid loves your music"  those are the kind of comments that actually make me feel valid in this world really...

Having said that, here come's the rub... i have no problem connecting to anyone in my age group. I know im a sarcastic stupid fuck, maybe a bit arrogant... okay, alot. probably kind of a dick, i say and do stupid things, and im just a terrible model of what a good natured human beeing is supposed to be. But when i read comments about how kids love the mouse image, the music, etc... it kinda breaks my heart a little. hahah! im serious! im like..... "awwwwww shit! cute little fuckers"... but then pause for a second and think... fuck... but im such a terrible human being really.. and i really dont want kids to... i dunno, read my facebook, or check my blog, or really know anything about me.  SUCKS!

but do know, for those of you with little ones, theyre my favorite fans. Dude! kids are fuckin crazy. really.... i mean, they ask the most AWESOME questions ever. In fact, ill do you one better...  the BEST interview i have EVER done was for an 11 year old kid in Boston. i shit you not.... so all you other "professional journalists" can fuckin SUCK IT,  the kid was so rad... i mean, im sure it made his day and all that... but the questions were so fuckin awesome that i WANTED to do it... and it was fun (and his mom brought me cookies too, which certainly helps smooth things over with me)

The questions werent completely out there... they just were NOT stupid questions, and it was everything what i would love my life to be... fun. Like... whats your favorite vegetable? instead of "HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE NAME DEADMAU5".... god im so sick of that one... it's not insightful... and i have no problem telling an interviewer "do i really need to be asked this every fucking interview?" of course they just reply with "yes.. people want to know!" dude.... they dont. I DONT. this is not insightful at all.

anways, back to the kids... one kid i came across, was DAMN ADAMANT on the fact that there were speakers in my big mouse ears and thats where all the music came from.... dude, its hilarious. and you just can't hate on something like that.

seriously... i once performed in front of 190,000 people in argentina.... didnt even bat an eye.... i just walked up there, did my thing, had an amazing time and walked off... nothin to it!   But if you want to KNOW the definition of nervousness and fear, stand up with a microphone in front of 30 8th graders in an LA County middleschool while they barrel the questions at you faster than you can think while youre struggling to come up with appropriate, educational or insightful answers. not easy.

so yeah, i love seeing the kid comments, or parental comments from the weird things kids say and think in terms of the mouse...having said that, i regret not being a more positive role model as a person. Like mostly everything else happening around me, it's just not something i ever expected to be expected of me in this life.