Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear Joel,

I realize that you are not the same producer, mentally, that produced Faxing Berlin wayyy back. You have grown, or rather, regressed into a boorish, immature rockstar; the model that I would like to think an EDM producer would avoid.

However, it is deeply troubling to me that you could call all DJs "cunts". I am saddened and upset by this, not because I am a DJ, but because I am sure YOU were a DJ at one point in your career. Have you forgotten what it's like to maybe go hungry for a little bit to get a new mixer, to dig through some crates of records to stumble across a release you wanted for months, to get people going with that great mix you practiced for a week?

I am scared, because, YOU influence young people. Not sane, sober, artistic minds; YOUR drug-riddled, shrinking brain controls thousands (maybe millions) of screaming teens and tweens. Instead of inspiring these minds to go and pick up a turntable/CDJ/whatever, you are telling them to go and get fucked up and party; I imagine your mentality is along the lines of "don't worry about making music, i've got it covered."

Unfortunately, that mentality of shutting down new ideas for your own production's benefit will NOT help in the long run. Because, frankly, we need role models in the scene; your comments set us back, and make us all look bad.

Have a great day,
Some Guy
In response:
If by "my friends" you mean people who would also insinuate that im a drug addicted egomaniac who put himself up on a pedestal for all the electronic musical world  to look up at, then i do believe they can go fuck themselves as well.

i can already tell you exactly what you know about me as a person... i dont have to sit here and wait for you to read a handful of stupid interviews and come back to me with your own verdict. Outside of my craft, i can already tell you that you don't actually know a thing about me. Which is perfectly fine by me, providing i don't have to be subjected to your fucking ramblings of a malformed role model you make me out to be based on a few snippets of internets here and there.

whether im globally conceived to be, or not, i don't aspire to be a role model, and i dont aspire to be a leader, prophet or all around advocate of anything other than "the silly shit i get up to when im in my element" which, ironicly enough, just so happens to be making music. Youll find this is probably a very common attribute to nearly anyone with even a hint of artistic freedom and an audience whos willing to listen.

so as for my comments making "us all look bad" do keep in mind that i am not a part of "us" and until the government intervenes or Cthulhu says otherwise, my career and life is pretty much run under a firm dictatorship by yours truly, and is not a fucking democracy. Ergo, people like you *can* freely chime in your two cents with your two opinions, and i can guarantee im probably not going to give a shit one way or another.

why respond? well... the thing that upsets me here is that people (today it's you) believe that theres still an element of "your doing it wrong" when it comes how i consciously choose to do things in a field that is supposed to be FAR from governed by outside sources, pka "the rest of us"

If this is something that scares you, then go be scared. If it's something that inspires you, then be inspired, and if its something you don't give a shit about, then dont give a shit. But for the love of god, don't put the self-rightous "you came from a low place and now you think youre the shit" rant on me. If i had a nickle for every time this has ever been said behind my back, i would be able to afford my own country by now.


now go email this same rant to the thousands of other successful artists who worked their way to the top of the fuckin EDM food chain from their mothers basements and have developed massive, justified delusions of grandeur, compile the replies, and make a fucking coffee table book so i can learn something about myself that i didn't already fucking know from some complete fucking stranger.


you can just enjoy music.