Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a lesson in humility

And there we were, somewhere in the Czech Republic... business as usual, watching the opening DJ act play his last few songs before go time... could help but notice that the guy was playing some god awful trance... so, to have somewhat of a laugh amongst ourselves, Paul and i started to flail our arms around to the beat like a couple of fist pumping idiots. If we noticed anything aside from our stupidity, it was that more or less all of the eyes of the promoters and backstage crew were glued on us. If anything, we accepted this as an invitation to step it up a notch and act more... well.. stupid. The looks on their faces soon turned to a form of disgust (which i guess was the point after all) so after enduring some pretty cold stares, one of the promoters approached me... so i had to ask. “WHAT the FUCK is this shit, this tracks terrible..... ? One of ********'s fuckin epic trance-a-thon "drop da bomb xtreme edition REMIX"? ... whatever his answer was going to be, i couldn't prepare myself to be impressed, but “It is Czech Republic National Anthem” was not the answer i was looking for. I have never felt more stupid in my life. And then we hid.

this was the one time experience that taught me a very valuable lesson in life... "just shut your mouth joel."

im still getting the hang of it.

That show in Czech was OFF THE HOOK!!!!! insane production, lovely people, amazing food, and memories that will definatley stay with me for the rest of my days.