Tuesday, September 21, 2010

everyone wants something.

and i certainly don't have it.

Im not sure what it is with relationships given my current status right now. Obviously i've fucked myself up beyond repair to even be able to fantasize about having a meaningful relationship that somehow didn't revolve around my career. But it's nice to think i can from time to time.  I think i actually spend more time fending off psychotic ex girfriends than i do perusing new relationships... at least, that is, when im not working... which is aorund 99 percent of the time.

so whats the point really.

Gotta simultaneously love and hate my social life right now... Im tired of the phony starfuckers, the groupies who say they arent because theyre convinced that they genuinely feel a certain way about something or another, and of course all the baggage they bring along with them. Personally, i travel light.

Where did all the normal people go?


  1. Normal people are hard to come by in the club scene, especially after the age of 25...

  2. Well, if you really need a serious relationship, think about it before thinking about your career.

    Take a breath.

  3. Hm, I've been avoiding relationships all in all since January ...
    It's helped me grow more as a person .. yes i do miss the whole having a relationship thing, and even the whole "sex" thing.. but it brings out the best of me.. i think.. lmao..
    Did that make any sense?

  4. Ah, yeah those psycho girls r hard to say no to, I saw one or two outside of what I learned was your bus at the 930 club. Kinda reminds me of that movie "The Weather Man"... Also, if it helps, I probably wouldn't hang out with u in RL, would not be able to keep up w/ ur audioness ;P

  5. When you'll meet the right person, you'll know if she'll be worth an honest shot.

    I had my share of douchebags and psycho ex's too. I think everyone does. Focus on what you really want in a person and from a romantic relationship. Allow yourself to grow in that area. You deserve just as much happiness as everyone else. Once you establish that, it will be easier for you to find the right person when you're ready for it.

    ... and no, you're not fucked up beyond repair. I don't pretend to know you because I don't. So don't get me wrong. But truly fucked up people never think they're fucked up. So you're safe :) you may just need to figure some stuff out. And the best way and easiest way to do it is without judging yourself. Remember that no one is ever harder on you than yourself. That right there applies to everyone. So why hold on to that belief?


  6. Well, if you really want normal, you should probably not be getting numbers from "hot" girls you meet at shows because they're probably there for the wrong reasons. Normal would also mean no giant fake boobs or tattoos everywhere...and no fame. I don't know where you would find that since you're pretty much surrounded by famous people and groupie sluts...and I doubt moving to LA would help that. Maybe this point in your life is the wrong time for a relationship, or maybe you just need to go sit in a Starbucks somewhere and meet someone that doesn't come to you first...haha who knows? But I would say for sure most "normal" girls aren't in the clubs every night or desperately trying to get in your pants at your shows. And when you do meet a nice normal girl, she might be put off by your "system" for keeping random hot girls on call for "you know what"....just sayin'. You probably shouldn't advertise that, or maybe just stop it haha.

  7. ooh, hang out w/ gary busey, he's honest to the point of insanity

  8. that is exactly the.. (excuse and allow me to say)..the problem. it is because you're thinking everyone wants something from you - in thinking so..you're believing so. you have a handful number of admirers, what could we all say to that. of course, without, spending too much time beyond a quick meeting around club scenes..or the morning after. and it's probably just hard enough for you to have a normal day with anyone because of your work schedule. -- you won't get to know about them beyond what you think it is.

    deadmau5 # not equal to # normal life.
    normal people = normal life.
    (and deep down, you consider yourself as a normal dude, do ya? =P pretending to know ya here.)

    but don't you give your hopes up! ;D

  9. Normal people? Good question.

    I'm starting to think more and more that they don't exist. And considering your situation, they're probably that much harder to come by, the amount of people you deal with in such a short period of time and all.

    Best of luck, though... Really. I mean that. I mean, if you keep looking and wait long enough, you're bound to come across someone right... (Totally not a hopeless romantic here. Neeeever.)

  10. find a gal who doesnt like EDM. that way she problies wont have a clue who you are, make up some bullshit career, that involves being away alot, find shes genuine and tell her your a fa-mouse dj whos actually fucking loaded. get a second phone too, a phone with out SL UT in it ;)

  11. You should start moving in a sphere where peaople doesn't know that you're famous, you could say that you work in a burger place. It's a lie for sure, but you will know that those will like you for yourself, not because of "deadmau5 fame".

  12. normal people? i didn't know such a thing existed.

  13. I don't know. I feel like there needs to be a serious level of honesty in a relationship. So the fame is bound to be a part of it. And also the people existing in your phone who are there to fill the needs. The SUPERFAMOUSDJ lifestyle is utterly abnormal, and if it's a part of Joel Zimmerman, it's got to be a something this undiscovered person can not only handle, but embrace, right?

    The problem isn't the lack of "Normal" people-- normal people play head-games and feed off of fame/popularity (High school never ends!) while telling themselves they aren't, just like that.

    I'd say the "right" sort is going to be extremely abnormal.

    [[ the irony of people putting comments and advice up here on this public forum: aren't we all kind of similar to the "starfuckers, the groupies who say they arent because theyre convinced that they genuinely feel a certain way about something or another"? How many of us would have such clear, thoughtful advice for a friend reaching out for help? It's a lot harder to do when you know and care about someone.]]

  14. Finding genuine people is difficult to begin with, and your career certainly makes it even more so. Perhaps, though, it just gives you an extra skill to master. Filtering out the fakes must be exhausting, but if you want to find someone sincere, that's the way it is. Figure out how these "starfuckers" usually approach you (physically and mentally) then learn to avoid it. Maybe get in touch with some friends who have had to deal with the same types of problems; real advice usually trumps random internet advice.

    That being said, there are a few really well thought out comments on here. I definitely agree with koffeetea though, we wouldn't be here unless we weren't fans of some sort. We're just the ones with coherent communication skills.

  15. nowhere my friend. the definition of normal always is the way you will see it. live to love, how difficult it may be.

  16. damn mau5... If this was one of your peers, this entry would be about blowing lines off strippers' asses...

    I'm floored by how 'normal', 'real', and 'cool' you are. (no homo) Even before you were the infamous deadmau5, people were still self-interested, egotistical, two-faced, materialistic, etc... Fame only exacerbates this unfortunately... just be true to you and know that there are outlets where you can express yourself where REAL, NORMAL people can understand you and sympathize.

  17. Welcome to the real world. Its no better when your not famous trust me fruit loops every where when it comes to relationships , i'm affaird.

    You think you might know someone then like bolt out of the blue , you find you don't .

    Everyone is looking for someone 'normal' hollar if you find where they go because i would love to know .

    They are not in pubs and clubs thats for sure whats normal on weekend evening its not ' normal' in every day life day to day.

    Matt asked what is normal ...easy answer there matt its finding someone you click with and you can be yourself around .

    Joel your not the only celeb that feels like that eminem has a brilliant tune out .


    it doesn't just apply to the famous hits the nail on the head, be yourself and sod what everyone else wants


  18. I'm very impressed by everyone's responses to your post. That's some good advice, but easier said than done. I haven't been able to find anyone "normal" for a while either.... so I'm right there with you. I do see how it would be harder for you to find someone who genuinely cares/likes/love you for YOU and not for your fame. I really do wish the best for you Joel because you deserve it. I've been a fan of yours for a while....and not only because of your music but because you actually gave your fans a chance to get to know the real you.

    Also moving to LA will make it harder for you to find someone real/normal... but I'm sure one day you will =] & that woman will be very lucky.

  19. Well, I think it would make most sense to be with an artist with the same passion for music/work and lifestyle. Since the fame is already hers, she wouldn't necessarily be after yours. I think there would be a lot of similarities and familiarities, which may probably be relaxing. I think normal is what you make of it and that perspective does change over time.

  20. Hey man,

    Well, a lot of good comments already. I guess it's hard because there are a group of people that you're always around and then you're also not in the same place for more than a few days at the time at the most. Plus, anyone you see while touring is gonna be "oh, wow, deadmau5" and be a groupie. I understand that, and it's gotta be hard to put down roots - I guess it'd be unlikely that you get a "oh wow that's my girl I'm gonna marry her" moment. This has probably come up now because vacationing means you spend time thinking about stuff that you'd otherwise be too busy to consider.

    For sure, in my opinion you've gotta be the hardest working guy in the industry at the moment - but also I'd say you are different to the norm because you seem to be more "accessible" and want to connect more with your followers and fans. And God knows, honest. That's refreshing! Who else would set up an open blog so that you can get shit off your chest - but put in the public domain and invite comments from fans? You deserve kudos for that, and you have my respect.

    Personally, I love the music you do and I respect you for the music that you produce, you clearly love the industry and the work you do and that deserves a lot of credit. But yes, one of the issues is you will also attract psychos and stuff like that.

    As Chaz very eloquently put - yes, we're fans. But I and other people also realise - you're a person as well as a celebrity, and while you may be on a pedastal to some people, you seem more "human" because you're willing and happy to interact with us.

    God knows I dig the stuff you produce, and my 8-year old son thinks your music is amazing. Now I know you didn't want to hear that lol but he really digs you and is gutted that he can't make it to your concert for another 8 years lol. I'll get him a t-shirt or something to keep him happy... ;)

    Take it easy mate. Don't spend your life wishing your life away - it'll happen when it's time. I won't profess to know how ya feel for a second - but I do know you'll figure a way out of it.

  21. Joel, all of us normal people are fucking busy, too. Trying to figure out our own damned lives and jobs and relationships. Watching you on ustream gives a bit of comfort because it's like a communal thing. Everyone's a bit lonely, a bit anxious, a bit fucked up, and a whole LOTTA bored, and it's nice to get a glimpse inside your clusterfuck life eating a self-cooked steak by yourself in a gigantic hotel suite in Malta with 1500 people watching. We've all done THAT, you know.

    (Sorry, but it IS kinda interesting to watch you wander around in the world. If you were to watch US we'd be doing similar stuff. The only reason we watch you is A) you're willing and just as bored, and B) you have relevance and meaning to so many, even for reasons you might think are stupid.)

    Anyway, don't worry about the relationships thing. Just try not to get hurt/taken advantage of, and eventually you'll trip over the woman you're supposed to be with. Or she'll hit you with her car while you're tooling around on a golf cart or something.

    Helpful recap: You've done a pretty good job of letting fate/destiny/Providence or whatever it is lead you to where you're supposed to go. It will also give you the person/people you need when it's time. So make a wish on a star or an airplane or something, and let the universe handle the rest. ...And never give out your credit card number over the phone. :D

  22. As a person without any similarities to you at all, I completely agree.

  23. All right, so right now I'm taking care of my fiance as best I can while he's in Wisconsin and I'm in Michigan. We're 22/23 and getting married soon. How did we get here? We're both the settling down type. We came from rural towns and have had the same goals of marrying and raising a family while younger. When we we met each other, we talked a lot about what we wanted in life, how we wanted to live, and where we wanted to be in x years. We wouldn't have started dating if we didn't think we had a lot in common and we wouldn't have continued dating if the other person didn't share similar life ideas. The only advice I can give is to decide what you want, how you want to get there, and where you envision yourself in the future and don't compromise for anyone who doesn't want to share those with you. And really, the club scene probably isn't the best place to look for long-term relationship partners, but you never know! Know yourself first and then look for your complement.

  24. a lot of people would probably hate you for this... but what I think you should do is take some time off, a year or 2 minimum. Get back to your roots, make some goth omelets, learn to program in a new language and just chill. don't worry about anything(I know that's hard for you) and bam before you know it the world will look totality different to you.

  25. Normal people stop existing once you become famous. I, for one, would never be able to handle it. I don't envy you in this regard whatsoever man.

  26. honestly joel, you are at the climax of your career. you don't need a girl and you don't need any extra baggage. this is the time of your life! it's YOUR time. like everyone says, when you least expect it, that girl you dream of will come by. don't they all???

  27. I just want to comment to everyone who says "normal" girls aren't in clubs every night. That is not necessarily true... I am as "normal" as you can get - I am educated, employed, independent and attractive. I go to the clubs because I genuinely enjoy the music and dancing - not because I'm looking to be some dj's one night stand. Additionally, I am not silicone enhanced, overly tan, wearing a sleazy dress, accepting drinks from strangers or acting a fool. The problem is those are the type of girls everyone pays attention to.

    So yes, you can meet someone at a club, but while most men are taking home some random psycho-chick the "normal" girl is going home, alone, happy and secure in herself. And you never knew she was there to begin with....

  28. I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence?
    George Carlin

  29. Normal people? What normal people? There still out there but far and few in between, kind of like unicorns or a prize at the bottom of a cereal box...

    Its pretty clear your confused with a lot of things, maybe its best not to throw yourself into a relationship right now- just chill, and it becomes pretty damn apparent who the starfuckers/suckers are and whatnot. Just keep it real, do your thing. The club scene honestly, is not the best place to meet your dream woman, fun is one thing, serious relationship is another.

    I sometimes hit the clubs, because I genuinely like the music and like to dance, but Im not the scantily clad one, making eyes at every stranger and drinking till I hit the concrete. Everything in moderation- if someone is putting everything out there, there has to be a reason behind it, and it probably isnt pretty.

    You'll find her.

  30. just breathe mau5y, you'll find her.

  31. Creating new friendships or relationships with genuine people seems pretty obsolete when you're in the music industry and even relatively successful. Obviously you're moving in the right direction for your career (Holy fucking shit DJ'd VMAs. Publicity! Moar work! HIGH FIVE!), but developing any sort of relationship, friendship or more, with random people sucks. I do not envy you.

    Normalcy? These people are overlooked, usually boring, and average. No one wants to be normal. Though, I suppose "normal" is completely subjective. Such is life.

    .. I could continue to write some more bullshit, but it's time to procrastinate elsewhere. Time to find some bachelor frog threads.

  32. There are normal people out there, Joel. Don't underestimate your fans. For every slut/groupie/famewhore trying to barge into your tour bus(?) there are fans like my friends and i who sit around listening to your live stream as we study for our undergraduate degrees, giggling at the plentiful /b/ references and raging to the music.

    It's easy for people to say "Find a girl who doesn't like EDM" but electronic music is such a huge part of your life, your passion... could you love someone who didn't understand/appreciate that? Who wouldn't get super fucking pumped when you showed her a new track?

    My advice for you: Only pursue relationships (friend or otherwise) with people that you can relate to as fellow human beings. People who have a sense of humor like yours, who care about their families, who are somewhat educated and have goals other than "fuck/leech on to famous dudes." At the first sign of Crazy Moochdom, drop their bitch asses immediately. Don't allow people to take advantage of you because you feel isolated.

    We only have one life to live. You are lovely, healthy, outrageously talented, personable, young, successful...you have life by the balls right now.


  33. oh fuck. ya sorry about that message i sent you earlier about your show....um just forget it. i'm kinda selfish and i just really wanted to go cause i think your music is kinda awesome. but it's all good! i can bop to your records at home.

    and normal relationships don't even exist in the real world. they're just as difficult for non famous people to attain. when you meet that right girl, you'll know, and it will be worth whatever sacrifices you have to make, in the meantime focus on yourself and what you love, and i say get as much hot booty as you can! lol.

  34. I'm back here again..because I like relationships topic. recently..I started to wonder myself and envy the people who are succesful with their relationships. it doesn't come around so easy.. even for us who doesn't live a life like yours, joel.

    I'm also back here commenting again for another reason..

    Guys.., Trisha is so right!!

    Me and my girlfriends..some of them is pretty established in what we do, serious job. We go to clubs once in awhile, a way to release stress..dancing away like nobody knows you, right.. and mostly it's occasional to the djs/artists that we like whom are visiting our city.

    the next day..things get back to normal.

    life is just hard in general, no matter who you are. it's also hard to define where happiness lies.. again when I think of happiness there's a few quotes that come up to my mind.. one is "happiness is best when shared" from the guy Into the Wild. sooner or later, consciously or unconsciouslly, we all look for this other meaningful person to share things with ya. I'm happy for those who have found theirs.

    I have a feeling.. you and I.. are out looking for a similar thing. ;)

  35. the normal people are out there!!!!! i would do anything to see you back in boston, i swear our cats are twins

  36. i really have so much respect for you and your work keep your head up because you deserve nothing but the best in any kind of relationship! i mean i just created a blog so i could comment on this! i need to know, will you be at ultra miami this year? cuz im only going if you are!!!

  37. What Trish said. 100%.

    I've met you and I've seen the girls that hang around you (at least on one occasion) and it's true that a lot of them are there for the star experience, the ego boost, the party.

    One does not simply walk into... your life without having a reason for being there, whether it's because they are the hot girl in the city that is always hooked up with a VIP pass or maybe they're a huge fan of your music and got lucky. But maybe they are following you on Twitter or reading this blog and they thought "hey, this guy is pretty interesting" and would actually like to get to know you as a person and not just be your arm candy for any period of time.

    You'll know a good girl when she isn't offended by your extremely dry sense of humor and when she calls you on your shit. Everyone else will be too caught up in the Deadmau5 thing to notice.

  38. You left them behind when you were like. "everybody wants a piece of me"

  39. Dude, there are some normal ones out there. ;)
    I mean, me and my friends arent sluts or a Fame-catchers :D
    We're simply enjoying music, dancing, some traveling around and other stuff. ;)
    You should come over to Latvia - we're having most beautiful girls (everybody says that.. :D ) but - true, there are some sluts over here, too... :D You just gotta keep looking for girls like us - free, fun, NORMAL people. ;)

    Signe1995 aka Signe L.

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  41. Well everyone does want something joel your right, its human nature.....unfortunately when your hitting 30 the people you tend to meet are going to have some extra baggage for the pure fact that they are gonna be that bit older and have had more life experience.... but hey its not all bad you could be 40 and single eh lol....being 30 myself i can see where your coming from though, its hard enuf meeting genuine people in the real world never mind when your famous! but yeh we all live in hope eh whats meant to be wont't pass us by, well thats my motto anyway :)

  42. I tell you from my experience that finding the right person is very hard. For example, I'm single for almost a year, and the reason is that I'm too picky. Maybe you have the same problem, or you're too busy. Try meeting more girls, and tell them the truth about you: that you're a famous music producer. (Being a girl, I would feel disappointed to find out after a period of time that my lover had such a secret to hide from me.)
    Oh, and btw: A few days ago, I casted my vote for you on top 100 DJ Mag. Good luck ! ;-)

  43. Its not about normal. Its what is real for you.

    Is it asking too much to be given time
    To know these songs and to sing them
    Is it asking too much of my vacant smile
    And my laugh and lies that bring them

    As the stars are going out
    And this stage is full of nothing
    And the friends have all but gone
    For my life my god I'm singing

  44. I wonder if there's a game theory i.e. stag-hare hunt, that applies to this... like, at a concert/set there are X members of the opposite sex then a certain number find the performer attractive but there's also a number of them which are groupies, but you could more accurately call them really big fans, the question is, why are most of them getting through to the performer? In a simple reward system the groupie's reward is huge, she gets to meet the performer and make herself heard to someone previously unreachable due to popularity constraints, the reward for the normal girl is fairly small, gets to meet performer.

  45. If you are busy with your career 99% of your time then doesn't your relationship problem begin with that? To a normal woman, have you thought, what have you got to offer, if you are 99% of the time unavailable? So do you see how your lifestyle doesn't easily invite normal people in your life, people who want normal things... The only woman who can put up with your absences would be one who is very busy herself, and quite self-sacrificing, because she will have to drop everything at a moment's notice for the few hours you happen to be free... But then wouldn't you be using her? And what about a normal woman who is genuinely in love with you? Normal women are everywhere but can you imagine the pressure on that poor creature, being suspected of wanting things from you, of using you, etc. The only way she can prove that she doesn't want anything from you, but love, is to be richer and more successful than you.

    Which is the other option if normal is out of question. There are lots of rich and successful women out there and I guess the only way for you to be 100% sure that she doesn't want anything from you is to get involved with a lady on your level of success. Otherwise you'll always have that sneaking question in your head: what does she want from me, given that you seem to enjoy entertaining yourself with negative thoughts about people. But then you will think of something else negative to suspect her of. Because you dont seem to like yourself and to believe in yourself that you are a handsome man and that a woman might indeed be in love with you with no gains in her mind.

  46. Everyone wants something...so what it is you want most?

    I ' say when you've get this figured out, then things will be smooth...or not! Fuck this. If there's a solution to the "problem", then there's no need to worry about it. And if there's not, worrying won't get it to you.

    As for meating "normal" people. Seriously? I have seen you onstage (loved the little <3 shaped hands, from the HUGE ears head, behind the ENROMOUS LED cube btw) but if I was to see you on the street, I would have no idea who you are...maybe your die-hard fans do, but most don't.
    Now, if you only meet people from the same "circuit" , who want to suck up your blood, it's only because you want it in a way! It's all about priorities isn't it?
    When you meet genuine people, don't you feel the difference?
    There is always gonna be sucker for fame/money/power etc...nothing will change that. Only thing you can change is you and your attitude towards them. RAISE YOUR WEAPON!

    I find myself beeing ridiculous commenting on your personal life as if I didn't have enough in hands with my own but what the heck...I am also a sucker for love.

    Here's to everyone finding their significant other, cause we all know how fucking hard that is!

  47. The secret is to find someone that makes exceptions for you, like you make exceptions for them. I'm sure it's gotta be hard finding someone that wants you for you and not your social status or fame, but I bet it's also hard to be the person that's with you, I mean come on, you live a crazy life. Call me a hopeless romantic but I still believe that there is someone out there that I'm worth it to, and who is worth it to me(whatever 'it' is). So yeah being single sucks after a while but I don't think my fairy godmother has checked out me yet, she's just biding her time (dumb bitch get on it already sheesh). Anyway keep the faith yo I am!

  48. i'm sure at some point a girl will come along who genuinely wants you to feel good. that girl will probably not be the type to flaunt the relationship, and even if she isn't on your level of success, you will definitely know that her motives are what she says they are. it's just a matter of time. maybe you'll get lucky and find her in the near future, or maybe you'll have to wait a while...

  49. Normal people have baggage, and normal people also probably don't know how to deal with your star status. Maybe what you want isn't "normal" it's "real." Got to be tough to find from your position. :( As much as you love your work and all us fans love your work, it'll be super hard to find someone unless you do non-work things. Maybe engage in activities where you'll meet and spend time with people outside of the DJ scene. (You could still find someone in the scene, who knows! But I've seen the girls nearest the booth at your shows - can practically smell the agenda.) Finding love is tricky - my heart goes out to you and I hope you find yours.

  50. they've vanished behind all the artificial bitches...look past the pretty faces.

  51. Trisha nailed it. Everyone pays attention to the fake girls, the attention whores, and nobody thinks twice about the normal looking people at clubs/concerts/events..

    Joel, I've loved reading your posts on here.. I love that there are other real people reading and commenting too, and I've actually been really impressed with how 'decent' everyone's been with their replies. It's nice to see others out there (like me) who respect you for what you do, who you are, and who try to empathize as much as possible to what you must be going through..

    I was looking through your pictures on facebook the other night, and thinking, wow.. all these people are just excited to have their picture taken with you, not having any idea (or even caring) what kind of mood you're in, how you're feeling, if you need a hug, if you're lonely (or not.. hell, I don't know.. but I'd get tired of the randomness and bullshit after awhile) and you probably are just hoping for someone real to come along, where you don't have to be all :D and *peace signs* and *posing for pics, yay!* for a million diff strangers.

    I hope you're okay. Take care of yourself and enjoy your life right now. Very few get to experience what you're doing, and it seems like youre making the best out of it. You're posting real shit, real stories. You are yourself, and the rest of us out here who follow you and admire you and love your music LOVE seeing that you're just like us with your 1337 speak, ginger talk and tl;dr references. :) Hopefully someday you can find someone worth your time, and energy. I wish the best for you! <3

  52. bad news: 98% of what you are exposed to at shows are going to be the kind of person you aren't looking for, long term. short term, im sure it can be enjoyable.

    the good news (yeah, im sprinkling optimism here):
    you know, Conan O'Brian is a famous guy, easily recognizable, and even victim of stalkers... he found love with a woman that worked in advertising. If there is hope for him, there is hope for you too. You have 2 options:
    A: you can look for someone that can build her whole world around you, travel with you, be part of your every day life.
    B: you can look for someone that is equal is engaged with her career/passion/interest. and you meet in the middle.

    B is out there, just have to find it.

    Best news of all: Meowingtons, between test flights and his scholarly pursuits, always seems to find time to hang out....

  53. I have the best idea for you ever! Don't laugh or shoot it down right away! I've convinced two of my friends who seemed to be dating only douche bags to do this and they are both happily married now! NOT that you want to be married right now but ok check it out: E-harmony!! Its freekin brilliant if you think about it. First of all they have you fill out a million questions in a million different ways in order to get your real character and they match you with people you are compatible with! So really when you date someone it takes a good year before you know the real them unfortunately and this way you bypass all that B.S. AND how convenient and perfect for you because you have the time to get to know someone cuz its all online AND they will never know who you are until you trust you have a good thing. CHA-CHING!! Thats money in the bank advice right there!!

  54. Find a relatively normal woman who has an opinion on halo vs COD and about the best Zelda game ever made. Find a woman who can talk s*&! about your equipment (production, that is) and explain the advantages of her setup over yours. Find a woman who loves cats but doesn't have three- make sure knitting isn't her only hobby. Find a woman who knows how cool it is when you throw the 1-up into your track, and who doesn't have to be told your tattoo is a space invader. Find a lady who can point out Toronto on a map, was a bit awkward growing up and implements mischievous and/or naughty schemes in her spare time.

  55. even in your current status my friend, your shot will come when its time. Just maintain a travel light status, and be as discriminating as possible. But also be patient, its almost the same manner you keep your best(real) friends close, eventually someone(or something) will come along when both of you are ready. Best of luck bro...

  56. You will probably ignore this comment, but I will post it anyways. I have to agree with you that everyone wants something, although I must elaborate that many of the unhappiness in the world comes from wanting things that are unattainable, or undesirable, or that we simply do not need. The trick to happiness is to want as little as possible, in my opinion.

    That said, if you really want to meet someone, try dating people who have never heard of deadmau5. That way the person who you go out with can get to know Thomas Zimmerman, the man who is more then the music he creates, even if that music takes up a big part of his life.

    Well that is if your looking for someone. Not sure what your looking for, but those are my thoughts. Take em or leave em, or ignore this comment entirely. And hell, this could be complete bullshit.

  57. I sensed the craziness of groupies for the first time when I was with you at Val's house. Nuts man. People are shells nowadays. Its truly hard to find the ones with souls. Most the time they just run around doing things they think other people would give them status points for. I wish the entertainment industry was rooted better for hearts and minds alike. Now its just become a massive industry of followers and politics, oh yeah and they forgot to tell you once you hit the masses the devil would make sure you lost yourself in the process. You have a good heart and an incredible talent. Stay true to yourself and make sure to keep the soul less leaches off your ass. They suck hard!!!! :)

  58. Well Joel, If I ever get the honour of meeting you. I would honestly just wanna chill maybe grab a bite to eat... and yeah... It really doesn't matter to me that you are famous. Like I really enjoy your music and would wanna have the chance to hangout with you even if you were the most hated electronic music producer.
    I don't know every single one of your songs. My favourite songs of yours would be Ghosts n stuff and Moar Ghosts n stuff. I honestly don't think I am a poser for my favourite song being pretty much your most popular song because I really truly enjoy it the most out of all your songs. If we ever do meet, don't be surprised that I fangirl over you but don't be surprised if I don't either. I will forever love your music and I hope you find some really chill not being your friend for stupid not actually just wanting to be your friend reasons soon. <3
    I saw you at global (OH EM GEE) But I missed you at the fillmore (had a ticket but no ride DX) and I didn't know about Beta. D= D= D=
    Anyway I hope to see a show soon!
    Boulder, Colorado

  59. Also, The Game

    (thought I would get you back for that. made me cry D,=)

  60. Sorry, I was reading the comments and stumbled upond this statement.. "Normal would also mean no giant fake boobs or tattoos everywhere"

    Wow. Discrimination comes in many forms there buddy. I don't have "giant fake boobs" but if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't rule myself out ever being able to sustain a healthy, "Normal" relationship. However, I do have "tattoos everywhere", and though currently I am single, I am not having problems because I am so abnormal..

    Do what makes you happy Joel.

  61. just gonna be honest i decided to give up on the whole relationship bullshit because i realized that being nice gets me NO WHERE ! nice people seem to finish LAST in the race of life... so as long as i can lay my head down on the pillow at night and know i did good for the day and made someone else happy even if i couldn't exactly fulfill all of my own hearts desires for the day well then at least i made someone else smile... and thats gotta be enough...
    seems being forward and being what guys deem "aggressive" is not a good thing...
    well fuck it then, i am done.
    I am not in the mood for games, i am not in the mood to sit here and try to analyze every god forsaken thing a guy does or says, and i am not trying to figure his shit out by thinking like a guy, yes i do have two older brothers... but you know what you either like me or you dont... do not waste my fucking time with your dishonesty game playing bullshit!
    and like iam sure many people above me commented, when its right its right, and when shes right you will know...
    every pot has a lid... and in some weird way i feel like something out there is protecting me from the bullshit because G-d only knows that the type of person i am i give my all and everything to someone and always seem to come up the sucker in the end... so its just not the right time...
    maybe its the same for you...
    keep ya head up, backbone out, shit will come together eventually, all in due time.

  62. Wow, for once a post that doesn't bring out a bunch of idiots simply going, "We love you!" There's actually a lot of good insight and advice on this one.

    I wish I could offer advice that hasn't already been given, but apparently it's all been said. Or has it? Lol...I don't even know if you read these comments (I might get bored of them after a while) so really what's the point?

    But aside from the famoushness aspect of your plight, I can understand. As an electronic musician and total computer geek myself, I've always been attracted to guys that also dabbled in music and computer stuffs. For me, it was safe and at least I knew I had somebody I could chat with about gear and synths and plugins and coding and design and all that fun stuff. But those chats only got so far, and after I've learned all I can from them I ended up moving on. Plus, there was always a little itty bit of jealousy on each others' part if one of us made a track that the other one thought was pretty damn good. Or else we'd influence each other in not the best of ways. Or...well it just always got fucked.

    So I used to try and find people that WEREN'T into all that stuff...and ou know what? It's fucking hard to find somebody that doesn't really share your interests and knows nothing of your passion that you can hold a decent or meaningful conversation with. I'd tell people I made music. "Oh, what kind of music?" "Electronic music." "So, like...techno?" "No, more like trancey, vocal stuff...it's hard to describe," and watch their eyes kinda glaze over at the mention of 'trance'. Or it went the opposite: "Oh, that's so cool! You should give me some of your music sometime." Yeah, I'll get right on that.

    So then I just quit trying altogether. I'd been single for 2 years after my last stint with a IT guy/programmer/producer/dj that obviously didn't work, and apparently knows you from the old IRC days :\. I still like to talk to my exes about all that fun stuff and I used to hope that someday I would find somebody that makes me happy and lets me be me. I am sort of seeing someone right now that is so completely opposite of me that it's been nothing short of fun and interesting.

    The only other thing that kinda sucks is that after reading your blog and following you on FB, I would so totally love to hang with you for a couple days and just talk about making music and maybe play with all those fun toys you like to show off and maybe play with Meowingtons just a bit...but unfortunately I guess I'm looked at as yet another groupie-girl who just wants something from you. That's what sucks.

    Oh well. Back to my music now. :)

  63. I gotta tell you.. I'm normal as in not psychotic, and I'm sure you are not too fucked up to have a meaningful relationship.. Don't look for one though, because you can't find it that way.. I think you have to stumble across it. Actually.. you'll likely try to parkour over it, and catch your toe, and fall three floors landing directly on your face in a big, steaming hot pile of Love. Lol..
    I'd tell you I'd date you, because normally I find lanky, nerd-smart guys who love great music to be really hot.. but I'm in love with a guy.
    Actually I have YOU to thank for my stumble into love-poo, Joel. You see this guy and I met because of the show you played at the House of Blues in Dallas, November of '09. That was the first time I had ever heard of Deadmau5 (I didn't know how to pronounce it until a week before the show). I had made a post on your facebook about how I was excited about the show, he saw my picture and thought I was wicked cute and decided to message me, saying if I wanted to meet up with him he'd message me his number. I got his number, but I almost didn't get into the show, I was so stressed about buying tickets from a scalper outside for $70 instead of $20, and once I got in I had the best time of my life... I completely forgot to text the poor guy. After that we were FB friends for a while.. but the more we got to know each other the more we cared for each other. Over this summer I fell hard for him and he came to visit me (I live 5 hours away)for a week. That was the best week either of us have had this whole year.
    Long story short...er.... (My stories are never short.. Sorry ._.) Thanks Joel ^_^
    You make amazing, unique music, and if it wasn't for that I would have never met this amazing guy I care so much for.
    I really hope you don't break your toe when you fall. Lol.. but then again, it'd be a cool story to tell later on.
    Oh, PS.. Said Amazing guy and I want you to come back to Texas so we can finally go see you together.
    -Catherine A.

  64. lol try one of the last places you'd go. Somewhere different perhaps? Bookstore? Arcade? That corner down the street?

  65. I hardly know you as Deadmau5 and i honestly have no idea who you really are Joel Zimmerman, but in sincerity, us Humans are not normal. no matter how much we try even normality is considered psychotic and awkward.

    Relationship wise, It is difficult even for an unknown person as myself to find what you call a stable relationship. i cant begin to imagine the pain you must go through just to be able to hold a normal conversation with another human. i don't wish for you to become an android like myself so all i can do is tell you this:

    look around you. No one is normal. even unknown people who don't give a crap about your label or your music are crazy. the girl you are looking for will be crazy too. maybe not for Deadmau5, but for something else. Also, you gotta realize that humans run on the intricate system of Give and Take. some for money, for fame and others for love. you just gotta find someone who is looking to trade love for protection (sorry i need time to explain this more clearly I'm only 18 and talking off the experience of a broken engagement and lack of fidelity)

    The only thing that matters is if you are willing to protect her, and love her no matter how crazy or childish she is. and if she turns to you and tells you Joel, even if you lost your label, your money and you're fame, i would still love you, then golly you found a winner (or you gotta wake up cause you're dreaming).

    sorry if this sounds like i know you in a personal level, which i don't, but i had to give you a face in order to give you advice. I'm a fail.